What to bring*

This isn't an exhaustive list, but these are the items you want at your disposal.


A camera and its' system-  Modern DSLR digital cameras is are the coin of the realm, but film based cameras are welcome. As are smart phones, pocket cameras, pinholes, etc. If you make images with it, then bring it. 

Camera backpack or bag - Walking and traveling at slow and fast speeds necessitates a really good, weather resistant bag, backpack, or carrying system. Lockable if possible.


Weather appropriate clothing - Outside and inside, you need to be protected and warm. In layers. And dry.

Hiking shoes - Absolute must. Hopefully yours come home with a layer of earth. 

Passport and ID - Appropriate identification. All the time.

Cash - Enough in the country you are headed to cover yourself.

Notebook and pen - Waterproof if possible. Always good to jot down notes, sketches, and thoughts. Words can complete a journey.

A good travel guide - We prefer Lonely Planet guide books. They include all kinds of practical and historical information, as well as maps to chart your journey.

Map - They are great to chart your course and mark your path. Plus, they look cool framed when you are home.



Suntan lotion.

Anti biotics.

Pocket knife with corkscrew - Remember the wine part?

Water bottle or two - We are ecofriendly, so bring along your Yeti(s) to use for beverages on the trail.


*There will be immersion, pursuit, or closeup specific items besides these listed.