The Peregrin Launch - A success!

June 18, 2018

The Peregrin inaugural Adventure and Closeup was amazing, exciting, and adventurous! Michael and I were beyond excited and a little nervous because we knew that our initial adventurers were willing to invest in themselves and us, and were already talented photographers with world traveling credentials! We were amazed at the imagery they made, the observations and learning we all engaged in about Cincinnati and it's beer culture, and the experience of exploring, creating and being together. So rewarding! I know everyone came away energized. In fact, one of our adventurers said "I've learned more today about my camera than I have in the 30 years I've been photographing." Just wow. That's the part that Michael and I enjoyed the most: watching others learn and grow! And even though we had been learning, photographing, and walking for 4-5 hours before our beer tasting and final critique, all our "Peregrins" were ready for more! The images made by everyone (including Michael and myself) are below, as well as some documents of the day. Erin, Tracy and Dale, thanks for making our first day the first of many to come!

Brian SteegeComment