Goals for your journey

As part of the creative process, planned goal setting and a thoughtful creative approach will help you focus on what you want to accomplish in your visual storytelling.

Each participant will be asked to think through and answer these questions. They will help you. They will help us.

family vacation in MN  0074.jpg

General photo info we'd like know

How long have you been practicing photography?

What type of camera equipment do you have?

Have you ever participated in any event like this before?

Please name 2 photographers whose photography you admire.

Have you ever participated in a critique before?

Do you have any food aversions or allergies?


Culture that influences you

Where have you traveled around the globe?

Museum or barrio - which sounds most interesting?

Who throughout history would you most like to spend an evening with?

Beer or wine? 

Hamburger or Coq au Vin?

Mountains or beach?


Questions to think about, and answer

What is the story or a story you want to tell during your immersion, pursuit, or closeup?

What subject matter will you be focused on to tell that story?

In which direction do you want your photography to go - intellectually, visually, or emotionally?

What technique(s) or approach(s) will you use to make it happen?

What area of post-production do you want to apply to your imagery?

What is the most important aspect of today that you want to learn?