Cincinnati - The Queen City - October 27, 2018

Cincinnati - The Queen City - October 27, 2018


Cincinnati, our little nugget nestled on the Ohio, has plenty to see and taste for the Lewis and Clark among us.  Visual wanderlust in OTR, romantic landscapes on the Ohio, details on details of color, shape, and texture. Old, transitional, and sprouting buildings and blocks give the cultural junkie every opportunity to tell their own story and taste others.  Explored on foot, block by block, alley by alley, face by face. Small but mighty, Cincinnati will give you the opportunity to shape your vision and expand your mind.  Let’s go.


Visits to parks, unique community venues, city architectual highlights, panoramic photographic opportunities of our beautiful skyscape, and food and wine in Over-The-Rhine restaurants, you will explore, see, and taste the unique qualities of our beautiful city.  Learn our city’s culture through experience, while aiming your camera at some of the most interesting places in Cincinnati.

* October 27, 2018 *

6:00 a.m. - Sunrise - Meet at Eden Park Overlook - Overview, history, assignments and photography

7:15ish - Depart for OTR for urban exploration

7:30-8:45 - Wander, see, and photograph in Over-The-Rhine

9:00 - Refreshment break

9:15-10:30 - Wander, see, and photograph in Over-The-Rhine

10:30-11:30 - Underground Brew Tour

11:30-1:00 Lunch, Beer Tasting and discussion and critique of the day - Place TBD 

1:30 - Disperse

What you need

Your camera/camera system 

Tripod - if you use one regularly

Comfortable clothes to walk in, including top-notch walking shoes

Weather protection for you and your gear

Laptop loaded with your photo software


Goal sheet


ID - just in case


What we'll provide

Transportation to and from Eden Park (or other)

Parking, direction and route


Additional supplies for photography (tripod, extra SD cards if needed, sensor cleaning, etc., and Sony lenses and cameras if you like)



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